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Accessible Gardening for All!

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  • Accessible Gardening for All!

    Hello all you ActiveMSers! My name is Kathy Linskey & I have been living with MS since 1999. Over time I have had to give up rock climbing, ice climbing, skiing, biking, kayaking, etc. due to my body's inability to function as it used to. I finally drew the line at giving up my other passion, GARDENING!

    After much research I couldn't find any one place to get the tools, products, accessories, growing systems, or info I needed to continue to play in the dirt in an easy and meaningful way. Having fresh, homegrown, organic food has always been important to me. So I am creating my own place & hopefully find a way to support myself in the process.

    So check it out! Follow this link (if it doesn't work directly, cut & paste into your browser) Once there, under 'Share This Campaign', click fb "LIKE", 'Tweet', send out to g+1... any way to spread the word! The more "LIKES", 'Tweets', and sharing that happens the higher I get in the search algorithm to have the Indiegogo campaign page be seen internationally & gain more support.

    And while there, if you can, help me out. Making a donation of any size is a HUGE deal! It also puts me higher in the search algorithm for strangers from all over the world to see what I'm doing and help the campaign along. Help make my dream a reality!

    As we all know, we need to find more ways to stay connected to the things that make our hearts sing.

    And if you have any product ideas, suggestions, blog ideas. or particular gardening issues you yourself have dealt with, I want to hear about them. Thank you for your support!


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    Accessible gardening tools

    So glad I saw this! Kathy, have you found the Easi-Grip tools? I stumbled on them ( pardon the MS pun!) when I was searching for help with my gardening....they are made in the UK....they have given me back the ability to dig, weed, hoe, transplant, other words, they have given me back my perennial gardens....that were going to perennial weeds before I found these....the manufacturers are Peta UK, and I have ended up developing a nice pen pal email exchange with the inventor's daughter.....
    I will definitely "Like" your page, and pass it on to my contacts with Peta....Ya never know!! Good luck to you with this great idea!

    It's nice to stay dirty, isn't it???
    Be thankful. Dream Big. Never Give Up.