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BLOG: MS Torture Chambers (Can You Handle This One???)

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  • BLOG: MS Torture Chambers (Can You Handle This One???)

    I don’t actively seek out MS torture chambers when I travel. Honest. They do, however, seem to find me. Like that sweltering hammam in Morocco that made me see cross-eyed and vanquished my legs. Or that cave in South Dakota where a misplaced fatigued step could have had me leading off the local newscast (“Stay tuned, as a stubborn gentlemen with multiple sclerosis attempts to win this years’ Darwin Award”). Or that misguided full-bladder tour of Notre Dame, apparently the most popular tourist site in the world without a bathroom closer than a half mile away. Oh yes, I’ve got a knack for putting myself into distressing situations that inevitably challenge me with this disease.

    But strolling around an art museum?

    Dave Bexfield

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    HOLY CATS!!!!! God no. I can barely handle the mall on a busy Saturday let alone this dude. Wow, wow! Sensory overload is one of my worst MS symptoms. I went the Green Day American Idiot the Musical a few months ago and the opening sequence almost made me leave.


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      Great description...

      Dave...once again you have put into words something I live with in a way that I have not been able to describe, or for that matter even think of trying to describe.