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Live in Montreal? Anyone know anything about MSTEP?

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  • Live in Montreal? Anyone know anything about MSTEP?

    Mcgill University researchers are enrolling MS patients in a study to prove/disprove whether the Multiple Sclerosis Tailored Exercise Program (MSTEP) is better for people with MS than traditional programs.

    More details and a person to contact if interested can be found at the end of the link below.

    Have just spent about 15 secs on google looking for more info on MSTEP - all I can find is info on MSTEP clinical trials - does anyone have any information on MSTEP itself i.e. what exercises are performed, frequency etc..?

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    I tried getting into this study but did not meet the inclusion criteria because of 2 reasons. Firstly, I already exercise so much and secondly, because I walk with 2 forearm crutches. I have a friend who just was enrolled and was getting her protocol so I will pass it along. It sounds like the exercise protocol is tailored to each individual based on the initial evaluation. I found this paper describing the study I'm sure with some help, we could design a program ourselves.

    Take care all,

    Teena Marie