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  • Been active? (Aug 2013)

    I hope everyone had a great August! To those of you with heat related issues (including myself), pat yourselves on the back 'cuz you made it through the summer. Please take a moment and let everyone know what you've been up to this past month. Did you go on any great adventures? Read any good books or see any great (or not so great) movies? Or just hang out and spend time with family and/or friends?

    So, this is what happened this month in my world:

    1) I participated with a great team in GISHWHES (the Greatest International Scavengers Hunt the World Has Ever Seen). It was a great experience! On my team, we had 15 women from all over the world - United States, France, Netherlands and Great Britain. There were 150+ items on the list and we managed to submit 60 of them. As a whole, everyone (1000s of ppl) managed to break two world records (largest continuous safety pin line and largest online album of people hugging); completely filled a semi truck with furniture and household items for a family in need; donating 100s of pints of blood; and took 100s of photos showing our support the LGBT in Russia. On a funnier note, there was also toast underwear, teabag swimsuits, and storm troopers spotted in public laundry mats. If you might want to try this next year or just browse some photos from the last three years, here's the link:

    2) My kenpo studio sponsored a two-day martial arts seminar. We had Masters come in from North Carolina and Virginia, along with students from all over the state and California. I look forward to this every year. It's such a great opportunity to not only learn from the Masters, but also to see people (training partners) that I don't get to see often enough. Due to heat related issues, I didn't do much of the seminar but I made sure I was there watching, supporting others, and learning. It was a little heart-breaking (to be honest) to not be able to fight in the mini-competition at the end of the seminar, but I still had a great time.

    3) Hmmm, what else? Oh yeah, I went to two free concerts at one of the local arts centers. I just love going out and showing support for local talent. One night was a brass band concert. These kids were awesome and fun. I totally didn't expect to see six kids (mostly in their early 20s) putting on a brass band concert. The second night was a mix of local youth bands and individuals singers, all different kinds of music. They were all very talented and I wish them much success in going after their dreams.

    Ok, that was my month. What have you been up to?

    be well,

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    AZ, the things you find to get involved in amaze me and have inspired me to try to get more socially involved myself.

    On the exercise front, I completed the Copper Triangle bike ride, 80 miles over 3 mountain passes for 6,000 feet of climbing in a single day. And, for the third year in a row, Pedal los Pueblos, the New Mexico MS 150. A very challenging 2 day cycling event in the beautiful high desert of New Mexico. I'm kind of on hiatus now, hoping to get back to the club for a little elliptical and weight work, and enjoy a little more wine for a few weeks.

    Spent all day Labor day eating. Late Breakfast at my brothers house till noon and early dinner at my Mother in Laws till evening. Might not eat for the rest of the week.

    Books, read the latest Lars Kepler book, "The Fire Witness". Lars Kepler is a married couple who write together. Their books are fast paced page turners.

    I found an old guys group to bike with once a week, the oldest being around 80. Also, most of them have biked across the US at least once, the 80 year old has done it 3 times. The rides are long but easy, consisting mostly of loping along and telling stories as we ride. That could be an interesting way to ride across the country.

    Enjoy the journey!


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      Holy moley, you guys! AZ heat, CO mountains! I envy your abilities and sticktoitness. I can't even stick to my plan to exercise 20 minutes a day. I have my list of exercises downstairs by the mat and big ball, and my timer. I could exercise every time I get bored but that would feel like punishment. But I still jog almost every day. That's about it.

      I need to go for a hike or something.


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        Way to go AMF! You are a crazy biker that's for sure. If you're looking for groups to get together with in your area that do different things other than biking, try It's free. Otherwise I just kind of browse the city website near me for ideas. If you're looking for a charity type site, check out They're actually doing an endure 4 kindness event in November where you do whatever exercise (biking perhaps) for as long as you can and collect pledges for their charity.

        Oh and books -- I finished reading The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman. Two thumbs up!

        And Sparky, way to go out to you as well! Jogging almost everyday! That's awesome - don't go selling yourself short. You didn't see any exercise really on my report, though I do go to the studio 2x a week. I was planning on starting hiking again this month, but that kind of fell through as my doc won't let me go without a driver and I don't know anyone in the meetup group I signed up for well enough to ask them to drive me. I haven't given up yet though, maybe I can find someone through my FB friends.

        Keep up the good work everyone!

        be well,


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          Hi everyone! Haven't checked in a while. I guess that's good because I go MIA when I'm feeling really well. I kind of forget about my MS sometimes!

          August was a killer for us Nebraskan's. After an absolutely beautiful summer, it waited until the end to be scorching hot. The end of August and beginning of September have been brutal. Thank goodness I've been able to let go of some of my vanity and start wearing cooling scarves when I am out in the garden or walking the dog.

          Tried to ride a bike for the first time in over 10 years in August. Turns out that the old adage "oh, it's just like riding a bike" is balogna. I could not do it! Not sure why, my balance is not that bad, I do yoga a few times a week. Now I'm determined to get my own bike and get back on the "horse". I mean, ridiculous, right?

          I started a new fitness program via Rachel Cosgrove. It's a strength based program and it's a challenge. I love it. Except for mountain climbers, I've always hated mountain climbers.

          I've also become quite the canner these days. My garden is the most productive it's ever been so I am canning salsa, tomato juice (bloody mary mix...), and plain tomatoes. I plan on making hot pepper jelly for gifts and possibly learning how to make beef jerky. I have a dehydrator now too so it's a good time to practice these things!

          Glad to read you're all doing well and keeping busy. Take care!


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            HETA, I hate mountain climbers, too! My August (and early Sept) included a trip back East to help my parent's pack, a visit to RFK to watch the women's national soccer team beat Mexico 7-0, and a revisit to my driveway basketball court of my youth. I still could make my favorite shots! I tied my sister in GOAT--the legs gave out at GOA. (And no, not Goa, India, but it sure felt like I had walked that far after 30 minutes.)
            Dave Bexfield


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              I have been kind of blah about exercise lately...but I am trying to pull myself out of that hole.

              My goal this month is to get 3 sessions of 3 miles each on the track walk/jog running.

              I did Monday and almost there this week. Cross your fingers for next week.

              The issue I am having is with motivation. When I look for those motivational sayings and pictures a lot of them will say things like "No one is standing in your way but you" or some version of that. Well, that just sends me into a bitterness tailspin, and I am back where I was, down about my limitations that I wont ever overcome, no matter how hard I try.

              But I am trying to correct my thinking and just doing the best *I* can do, which I am working on accepting to be different then the best others can do.

              It's a work in progress!


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                I hope you are part of our Facebook or Twitter group, Marina. You'll get a proper daily dose of smart-ass motivation (or something just smart-assy). If not, join and I'll help retrain the brain.


                Dave Bexfield