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Buzz of hopeŚcan you feel it?

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  • Buzz of hopeŚcan you feel it?

    Sometimes you can feel the buzz of hope, that overwhelming sense that life is going to get better, that the future is brighter than the sun itself. Iĺve felt it before, and arguably it's happening again.

    Dave Bexfield

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    I think you're right about a brighter future with M.S. Thank God that research continues to find new treatments. However I think that you are (as I am) an optimist. You tend to see the opportunity when others see the obstacle. The day that I was diagnosed with M.S. I took two hours to cry, kick, scream, piss and moan. As soon as I could I started to laugh about it. Don't get me wrong, I have had moments of despair but I find optimism and procincitu (Latin word for prepared for battle) are of greater value. Thanks again for what you do Dave. You help provide hope to many.


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      Yes, I feel it...


      I feel it as well. Each year it just feels like the jigsaw puzzle is being completed, and with each passing year more pieces than the last year are being inserted. I really think it is going to be some sort of cocktail a la AIDS l that will do the trick to both stop progression and restore function.


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        That Buzz of Hope

        Well, I now really feel it too. Just left my neurologist's for my 6 month check up. He is with the Tisch MS Research Center that is just about to start their Phase 1 clinical stem cell trial. I asked my doctor to timeline all this for me...wanted to know if all goes as they hope and expect, would I be a candidate to reap whatever benefits are discovered, and WHEN would this be. He said it could be in 5 years, maybe a little sooner....

        Now I know this isn't gonna necessarily mean that I will be running and skipping across the universe, but boy, has this given me a rush!! I have been "Rock Solid" for the past 10 years, and today also, he said I have no brain inflammation or new lesions, so I am now holding fast with my resolve to stay as active, as happy, as healthy as possible...... I am beginning to taste the "more" that I could have in just a few short years...... Only down side of regaining what I have lost is that I will need to re-learn to ski...again.....this time without the riggers!! ( Something I can definitely deal with!!)
        Be thankful. Dream Big. Never Give Up.