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STUDY: Cranberry versus placebo in the prevention of urinary infections in MS

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  • STUDY: Cranberry versus placebo in the prevention of urinary infections in MS

    Cranberry versus placebo in the prevention of urinary infections in multiple
    sclerosis: a multicenter, randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind trial.

    Gallien P, Amarenco G, Benoit N, Bonniaud V, Donzé C, Kerdraon J, de Seze M,
    Denys P, Renault A, Naudet F, Reymann JM.

    Author information:
    Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Center, Saint Hélier Clinic, Rennes, France.

    OBJECTIVE: Our aim was to assess the usefulness of cranberry extract in multiple
    sclerosis (MS) patients suffering from urinary disorders.

    METHODS: In total, 171 adult MS outpatients with urinary disorders presenting at
    eight centers were randomized (stratification according to center and use of
    clean intermittent self-catheterization) to cranberry versus placebo in a 1-year,
    prospective, double-blind study that was analyzed using a sequential method on an
    intent-to-treat basis. An independent monitoring board analyzed the results of
    the analyses each time 40 patients were assessed on the main endpoint. Cranberry
    extract (36 mg proanthocyanidins per day) or a matching placebo was taken by
    participants twice daily for 1 year. The primary endpoint was the time to first
    symptomatic urinary tract infection (UTI), subject to validation by a validation

    RESULTS: The second sequential analyses allowed us to accept the null hypothesis
    (no difference between cranberry and placebo). There was no difference in time to
    first symptomatic UTI distribution across 1 year, with an estimated hazard ratio
    of 0.99, 95% CI [0.61, 1.60] (p = 0.97). Secondary endpoints and tolerance did
    not differ between groups.

    CONCLUSION: Taking cranberry extract versus placebo twice a day did not prevent
    UTI occurrence in MS patients with urinary disorders.
    Dave Bexfield

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    Additionally, researchers found that listening to the Cranberries circa mid 1990s also had a surprisingly similar effect as the extract on UTIs. And that their song "Zombie" was foretelling when it came to the power of cranberries for MS, as the refrain "in your head" was repeated 11 times. Whoa. I know.
    Dave Bexfield


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      I don't care if it's a placebo effect - it works for me.