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    Hey Friends!

    Iím looking into becoming a health coach with a concentration in autoimmune diseases. Along with my personal trainer certification, I would be certified to not only give exercise advice but nutritional advice as well. With customized plans and 24 hours of support every day, Iíd be like a one-stop shop in health.

    If affordably priced, do you think this would interest you or a friend with an autoimmune disease? Donít worry, youíre not obligated to become a client if youíre interested, Iím just trying to see if there is a market for clients who think they could benefit from this service.

    In what areas do you wish you had more support, whether in exercise, nutrition, spiritually, etc.? What else do you think would be helpful from a health coach, specifically with your MS?

    Thanks for all your help! Iím looking forward to hearing your feedback!

    Twitter: @FaithNMargs
    Instagram: @FaithandMargaritas

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    I wish I had somebody I could go to to ask nutrition and exercise related questions. GO FOR IT!