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MSVirtual2020: Use of DMTs across Europe

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  • MSVirtual2020: Use of DMTs across Europe

    LB1256 - New findings from the 2020 MS Barometer on MS prevalence, practicing neurologists and use of disease-modifying drugs across Europe (ID 2152)

    C. Whicher
    C. Whicher N. Kriauzaite T. Albone E. Kasilingam A. Taylor D. Ratchford C. Merkel
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    The European Multiple Sclerosis Platform (EMSP) has conducted a survey of national MS societies periodically since 2008. The ‘Barometer’ measures the performance of health and social care systems using national data and knowledge. It aims to provide an accurate picture of multiple sclerosis (MS) management across Europe and support international benchmarking. The Barometer is designed to be an advocacy tool supporting decision-makers to make evidence-based policies and improve access to treatment, care and quality of life for people with MS. Preliminary findings for three indicators are presented in this poster; the full 2020 MS Barometer will be launched November 2020.

    To carry out a sub-analysis of the Barometer findings on the number of people with MS, the number of practicing neurologists and the percentage of people with MS on disease-modifying drugs (DMDs) across Europe.

    The Barometer questionnaire was developed in consultation with an expert group composed of representatives from national MS societies, healthcare professionals, industry and the Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies. A SurveyMonkey questionnaire was sent to all national MS societies who are members of EMSP. For all questions related to DMDs, respondents were asked to consider the following treatments: interferon-beta 1a, peginterferon-beta 1a, interferon-beta 1b, glatiramer acetate, teriflunomide, dimethyl fumerate, fingolimod, cladribine (oral), siponimod, natalizumab, alemtuzumab, and ocrelizumab.

    Data collection ran between September 2019 and July 2020 with the support of Quality Health and the Health Policy Partnership. Responses were received from 35 countries. The results of this survey were examined and any clarifications required were followed up by EMSP with the national society.

    Based on the results from the survey, there are 1,118,485 people with MS living across 35 European countries. Respondents recorded 61,002 practicing neurologists across these countries, a ratio of 18:1 people with MS per neurologist; however, these ratios had a large variance across the surveyed countries. 30 countries reported the percentage of people on DMDs, resulting in a European average of 55% and a median of 51%.

    A survey of national MS societies across 35 countries indicates that the number of people with MS in Europe is now over 1,100,000. Countries reported a median of 51% of people with MS on DMDs. Across Europe the survey found approximately 61,000 practicing neurologists.
    Dave Bexfield