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Advice Needed for the Newly Diagnosed

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  • Advice Needed for the Newly Diagnosed

    I’ve been getting an awful lot of newly diagnosed folks discovering ActiveMSers lately. While I discuss the topic of getting diagnosed on my blog, I’d like to go further, which is why I have a big favor to ask our members. Think about when you were diagnosed and all the questions that raced through your mind. What positive advice—looking back over the months, years, or decades of living MS—would you have given yourself? Think about all the areas of life that were influenced, from relationships (family, friends, kids) to life’s activities (career, vacations, day-to-day chores) to taking care of yourself (exercise, diet, spirituality, meditation, coping with disease). Send me your nuggets of wisdom—the more the merrier—to or post below. If you would like, please include your first name and city/state (or country). If this works, we’ll have a huge pool of advice from many walks of life—and an invaluable resource.
    Dave Bexfield

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    Some advice given to me

    These aren't my words of wisdom, but a couple of things others told me right when I was diagnosed. My support group leader told me, "You can do everything you used to do with your MS, you might just have to do it a little differently."

    And this from my Rebif nurse, "Your MS is YOUR MS. It's not the same as anyone else's."

    The last thing is from a doc I saw give a lecture, "If you have balance issues, don't close your eyes in the shower, because you might fall over."

    Anyway, I hope those help somebody. I know I think about them (especially the shower one) almost every day.

    Cranston, RI


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      wow (im a new one too) but ive fallen in the shower 3 times and just thought i was trying to get it done too fast... i never even made the connection to MS....DUH i dont know why i never figured that out!! ahahaha thanks!