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A triple hammer: vertigo, UTI, and tetanus vaccine

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  • A triple hammer: vertigo, UTI, and tetanus vaccine

    So, as luck would have it, I got vertigo a few days ago. The spins are ugh, as anyone who has had vertigo already knows. Then the following day I got my Tdap vaccine to prevent tetanus, as I last got it in 2011 after my HSCT in 2010 (since it wiped about all immunizations).

    I'm working on my BPPV exercises, twice a day, to nip the vertigo. And the vaccine knocked me back pretty well as all vaccines do these days. And I just finished another round of antibiotics for another UTI (seeing a urologist in July; if anyone in NM has recommendations, I'm all ears!). MS is a gift that sure keeps on giving!

    Today we are moving bunch of stuff from homes to consolidate (Laura's dad's furniture and art). And guess who gets to do virtually all of the work? I'll make it up to Laura soon, hopefully!
    Dave Bexfield

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    Oh gosh, I'm so sorry ab out the vertigo issues. It's the one side effect that drives me the most crazy as well. As to emptying out homes, my wife and I have done 3 the last 5 months as family members pass away. My wife always seems to get stuck with those jobs.
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      Vertigo is a problem...all alone by itself! I have trouble doing those exercises to stop it...or maybe I am just lazy but I have been using a patch put on the back of my neck. Trans Derm Scop? ( something like that) it does stop a vertigo attack for me. I put it on as soon as I am aware of vertigo and it stops a full blown attack.


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        I'm sorry you're dealing with that. I hope it resolves soon.


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          I had a strong reaction to the AztraZeneca vaccine, day 1 fever of 39c, day 2 vertigo so bad had to hold walls to get to the bathroom, nauseous, nystagmus, scared bf, thought it was the clot thing, called paramedics, little trip to ER, gave me anti dizz meds, gravol and strong anti inflamm....luckily for me it went away, still spent day 3/4 post vaccine on the couch. Back to usual after that....Vertigo sucks....the elevated temp from UTI might be contributing? Hope it resolves soon!
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