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New cdc rec — Covid isolation 20 days for immune compromised!!!

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  • New cdc rec — Covid isolation 20 days for immune compromised!!!

    Don’t shoot the messenger ! As of Jan 14th, the CDC advises the following isolation times if one gets covid:
    mild asymtomatic or symptomatic = 5 days + 5 days with well fitting mask (ok for 1 ply loose weave cloth mask on infected soul as it’s better than sh-t rationale)
    moderate symptomatic = 10 days
    severe symptomatic = 10 to 20 days
    ****immune compromised = 20 days or more using “ test-based strategy” and consult with infectious disease specialist.

    Clearly, if you are immune compromised and get Covid this time frame for isolation is important because one does not want to expose others to Covid, such as granny next door, or your asthmatic child. But I haven’t heard this 20 day + negative test + infectious disease consult anywhere despite that it seems lone can not avoid the latest Covid news. Is it me, am I the only one in the dark???

    Buts let’s reflect —— despite making it nearly impossible for msers and other immune compromised individuals to get antibodies tested after vaccination and not mandating that states use a triage priority system for monoclonal and antivirals to be used on the most vulnerable first (instead of allowing Healthy civil liberty focused non vaccinated maskless a-holes to burn through supply) Immune compromised are the only ones the CDC guides to isolate for 20 days, test negative, and bleeping consult with an infectious disease expert! And so concerned about immune compromised well being, the cdc says any mask is ok while you are infectious so long as well fitting. (This must be why I had a full blown panic attack at the pharmacy yesterday when a 10 year old child wearing pjs, a gator mask, and coughing stood behind me in line. )

    nevertheless, The cdc gives an important exception to these isolation times - if you’re immune compromised and a healthcare worker or your state has more lenient rules, go for it. No worries, all is fine. Ps, if you die of Covid, everyone will sigh relief upon reading that you had co-morbidities and were immune compromised. Whew. That’s a relief.

    Sorry, my teenagers would say I am “salty” at the moment. True. After 2 years of voluntarily self isolating to extent possible, wearing an n95 mask everywhere despite jeers from passerbys, and yearning for real guidance from the cdc, I’m am salty. I will shake it off. Thank you for letting me vent friends.

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    Salty Suebee, I like it. It has a ring to it! Your children are very well mannered, I doubt mine would have been so kind.

    As for the governments response to the pandemic, personally I think you're being far too generous. The day I lost faith was in January of 2020 when Fauci came out and said masks wouldn't help. I knew then that we were on our own. Perhaps it's fortunate that, as a person with MS, I am somewhat used to being largely in charge of my own health care, after all, the road to health care with MS hasn't been without it's periods of poor judgement either. In fact I still see what I consider "bad medicine" in MS health care, ranging from lack of DMD support to PT. and exercise recommendation. But, there is support available, various web sites, including this web site and people like you and many others here, to help us at least understand and evaluate our options and put us in a position to influence our own health care decisions.