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  • MitoQ

    As anybody out there taken this antioxidant MitoQ to help with your M.S. symptoms
    its suppose to work on the mitochondria.

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    Hi Adie,

    Sorry, I have no experience with MitoQ to share but anything which improves cellular function should benefit most people, IMO.

    Dr. Terry Wahls wrote a book titled, Minding Your Mitochondria. She is an Iowa doctor with MS who developed a diet which is in a current trial for treating MS.

    Best of luck, hope someone can share more specifically about MitoQ for you.


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      Wahls diet

      Hi Apollo,
      I have Terry Wahls latest book The Wahls Protocol, had it a while but just this last week been completely Gluten free just got to get more veggies down me and cut out the eggs and dairy which i don,t have alot off but give them up for a month and see what give,s.


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        Hi Adie,

        I think you are taking a reasonable approach by trying the diet for at least a month to see how it goes.

        Question.... are you on a DMT and have you have you investigated alternatives beside diet?

        Its always a good idea to keep learning. LDN is one of the most common alternatives MSers take, IMO. It appears to have good science behind it but the studies are very small.

        Some MSers have good success following a specific diet, best of luck.


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          Hi Apollo,
          I,m not on any meds, i have PPMS i have tried Baclofen,Gabopentin,Pregabalin and Tizanidine did,nt help made me feel groggy so gave them up.
          Would love to try LDN but he in England can,t get it on prescription (you can in Wales which is 100 miles away ???).


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            Hi Adie,

            I went to the LDN Conference at Harper College near Chicago in 2013. There were several doctors from the UK who presented in addition to many from the US. It was an amazing conference with so many wonderful presentations.

            Dr. Jill Smith, a Crohn's disease researcher from Penn State is one of the most impressive people I have ever met. Dr. Pradeep Chopra from Brown University gave outstanding case histories from his own practice of using LDN for pain management. Dr. Berkson was impressive; the entire conference was dynamite.

            There is a LDN group on Yahoo with about 10,000 members, Adie. It is a great source of info about LDN.

            There seems to be multiple thousands of MSers using LDN. There is a free online book, "Those Who Suffer Much, Know Much" by Cris Kerr, a wonderful Australian women. So nice of her to provide her book for free to those who want to know more about LDN. Just Google the title, if you like.

            Best to ya and everyone else searching for MS answers.


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              Thanks Apollo,
              Will have more of a good look into it.