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breaking loose... literally/figuratively

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  • breaking loose... literally/figuratively

    Hey there,

    Anyone have an issue with dropping things? I mean physical objects.
    Sometimes it is trying to pick up my med bottles - other times it is more ... full cups of coffee or a water glass (as it was just now). I cannot say I have an awareness of -- ohhh a cramp and then 'drop' .. it is more... slip out of my hand with no control or warning.
    I have never had this issue before and I wonder if it being exacerbated from a lesion found in cerebral cortex? Maybe I just think too much - but Im a bit freaked out from dropping things with no real pre-realization or recognition as it happens. It just... happens and I have no uh oh's or telling signs Im going to drop or fumble. Point is -- I don't 'feel it as it happens', it just happens... is that weird? cheers all.... D

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    Often, daily if I am not careful. I use water bottles with screw on lids to drink from, carry dishes from underneath, hold larger objects close to my chest to prevent slippage, etc. I'm in limbo land at the moment. I also have neuropathy pain head to toe. Maybe it is related?


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      Dropping Things

      I drop and spill stuff all the time too. I love glass. I love Pyrex bowls. I have broken several glass dishes even Corel which is not supposed to be that breakable but I managed to break one. I managed to trip and fall trying to take my favorite pretty little Pyrex bowl with the ridges - so I broke that one. I like those glass soup bowls with the handles on them. My mom sent me a plastic one with a lid on it which I didn't like but it enables me to take food and sit at the table outside without worrying about breaking anything or spilling anything. It has become my new friend. Plastic is my new friend.


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        MS hands

        Yup, out of the blue I drop things for no apparent reason. Have a scar on my hand from time I took coffee mug out of cupboard, dropped it, tried to catch it just as it shattered on the side of the sink, trip to ER for stitches. I use travel mugs now.

        Another example, when I got back into horseback riding I did a fun show, ride was catch me dropping the left rein twice, in a row, for no reason. Lucky the horse didn't notice lol.
        I do find though it's related to hand eye coordination (theory only not proven) it seems like if I don't watch what I have in my hand....turn head to talk to someone while taking said mug out of cupboard....or when I was looking where I was going when I was riding and not looking at my hand I dropped the's like it requires extra concentration just to simply hold something.....
        And of course it varies, doesn't that happen everyday.....
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