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  • Wahls Protocol

    I'm considering going on the Wahls Protocol. Anyone have any thoughts/opinions/recommendations, ect? I'm already dairy free and I have many friends who are GF so I'm familiar with cooking GF. Just curious if anyone has any experience.

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    Wahls Diet

    I did try this diet a few years back,but after about a year abandoned strict adherence . My biggest issue was weight loss! I've never been a large person, and I dropped 10 pounds in a month. I did my best to eat more, but I think there just wasn't enough calories for my higher metabolism.

    It was a bit exhausting fixing separate meals for myself too. I still incorporate many of the ideas in my current eating habits. I love fruits and vegetables so that is easy. Still no dairy, but do eat eggs, beans and bread. If I had positive results from the diet, sticking the coarse may have been easier, but I still hated looking like a stick! Good luck!!


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      Interesting coincidence

      I made changes to my diet soon after I was diagnosed. After reading Wahls Protocol recently I discovered I was eating in ways very similar to what Dr Wahls recommends. I too initially lost some weight, but have been at a healthy weight for several years.

      I tried adopting Dr Wahls' diet guidelines but I really found it hard to follow it all. Over the years though I've come to eat more whole foods, lots of vegetables, and listen to what my body tells me about what I dump into it. Small changes, one or two at a time, made my eating habits a part of my lifestyle.

      I think I've learned what works for my metabolism and activity level and to prepare healthy food when I'm having a tough day.


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