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Question about muscle damage and trouble recovering from the resulting spasticity

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  • Question about muscle damage and trouble recovering from the resulting spasticity

    Anyone know if the 'experts' have made a connection between slowness to heal from muscle injuries when MS is present? Anyone have experience with that personally?

    I've been suffering from a severe strain in calf & tendon muscles which has triggered spasticity in *all* the muscles in both legs and the doctors & PT are at a loss to figure out why I'm taking so long to heal & why the muscles are sooo reactive with even the slightest of activity

    . The original incident that caused the strain was minimal, yet I'm 3 months out and not much improvement. The PT isn't sure but wonders if MS spasticity is preventing the muscles from healing normally. Just wondered if anyone else has ever gone through such an experience - this is the 3rd time in the 14 years I've had MS that this has happened. Healing of the muscles involved did eventually happen but took months! (Being a Type A doesn't help either I suppose

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    Sorry I have no experience or knowledge to offer on the topic but wanted to acknowledge your post as interesting in hope that someone can respond better than I.


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      Hi. I broke a toe badly and my spasticity kept flexing the broken toe. It was awful. I had to be really careful about triggers, such as fatigue, doing too much standing, and heat. I also used and still use calcium magnesium and zinc tablets when spasticity is acting up and it provides me significant relief. I use nature made with tablet containing 333mg calcium 133 mg magnesium and 5 mg zinc. I need 3 tablets to help reduce spasticity. One of my dr recommended quinine, however, it slows the process of medications through your liver, and therefore I recommend only using with dr supervision because of possibility of causing toxicity. I thought the calcium magnesium zinc tablets work better anyhow. Best of luck. Suebee


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        Thanks so much for responding

        I actually posted the question I asked for a person who asked it on the Braintalk site. I copied and posted the answers and also named this site.

        The information Suebee gave may help the initial questioner but I wanted to say it is exactly information that I also can use! Spasticity in my toes makes me hobble and I am a farmer who can not figure out what to do about this serious problem. It has become this years puzzle that routinely interferes with the work I can still do.


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          I take magnesium 250mg twice daily and it helps with the spasticity. I'm sure you have a good stretching routine.

          Good luck and keep us posted.

          Teena Marie


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            Thanks...yes, I stretch constantly and ...

            I have realized the importance of stretching for a while now...simple and so effective. Thanks for the suggestion though. People need to be reminded!