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  • Disability can be funny story challenge

    I decided to post a challenge for funny stories or situations you found yourself in because of MS. I am not as funny as Dave, so please give me some latitude, but I use humor to cope and love a good story. I thought of this because of what happened to me recently. I went to the houston museum of natural science with my family. It is split into several areas, the Butterfly exhibit on one end and the entrance to the museum is located on the other end with gift shops, movie theatre, planetarium, and mc Donald's in between. The butterfly exhibit was lovely, it had interactive displays with bugs and butterflys followed by a rainforest type area that requires one to descend many stairs. It was too warm at top but comfortably cool at the bottom. It had lush vegetation and butterflies of every color And size fluttering everywhere. It was not disability friendly. Way too many steps. But I sat on a bench at the bottom and watched the butterflies fly all around me. My children were excited and worked to get a butterfly to light on their hand. I thought life is good. When we exited, I found myself at the of another staircase. I just could not fathom going up so I told my family to go on and I wld take the elevator near the stairs with a very large sign "disabled only". I took the elevator and exited at the next floor. At my exit from the elevator there wAs a sign that said "one way exit". I hesitated, but it was the only direction to go, so I took the one way exit. It put me in a long hallway in the dark with theatre type lighting at my feet. At the end of the hallway was a door with another sign that said " one way exit". I hesitated again, but was too far along to turn back so I exited. I found myself on a balcony. A balcony overlooking about a dozen large full size dinosaur displays. At that pt my husband texted me and asked if I was still on the elevator. I had somehow made my way into the museum on the opposite side of the building from of the butterfly exhibit and I was on a high level on a balcony. I texted my husband that the elevator had deposited me on the other side of the museum, on a balcony overlooking all the dinosaurs and if he can find that exhibit, he should look up. After my family got tickets and entered the museum, a nice staff person was able to show my family my position. We had a happy reunion and a good laugh.