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seeking advice alternative therapies for walking

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  • seeking advice alternative therapies for walking

    Anyone have any good experiences with alternative therapies i.e., massage, reflexology, feldenkrais, reiki, rolfing?
    If so, please share which ones are effective for spasticity and walkingtive therapies i.e., massage, reflexology, feldenkrais, reiki, rolfing? Oils for spasticity?

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    I've done Feldenkrais (and Tai Chi for health forms). [Disclosure: I just started the 4-year training program for Feldenkrais practitioners.] Feldenkrais can actually be seen as another modality for physical therapists: our class is over half PTs, a bunch of professional dancers, some massage therapists. I come from the professional musician group. It's different from "conventional" PT in that you never go out to your full range of motion, and don't exactly do calisthenics. Mostly, you lie on a mat (to not deal much with gravity's effects) and do small movements, checking in for differences. It works amazingly well IF you have patience and can develop mindfulness - I come out of a weekend intensive with huge jumps in coordination, balance, and flexibility. It just sort of happens from paying attention. My own walking is more grounded and "swingy." The people who use this tend to come from the ends of the spectrum: dancers, athletes and musicians, for fine coordination and/or overuse injuries, and cerebral palsy children, MSers, and stroke patients on the other side. It's good for my(not so) benign MS, because you take stock of what your bones, muscles and nerves can do, and can learn and even relearn. It's even fun! There are a lot of Feldenkrais examples on Youtube, to try it out. Practitioners also do 1-on-1 sessions, where they move you gently so you can experience coordination - with guidance.


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      I started oral magnesium with some modest improvement. As well, magnesium oil that I sprayed on my hip. I also take Fampyra, a prescription med, that helps with walking and I
      have noticed if I skip a dose, I'm more spastic.
      Good stretching is the best. Visualization and calming breaths also help.

      Good luck and keep us posted.

      Teena Marie

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