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  • Motivational Speaker for MS

    Anybody seen a motivational speaker who really stood out lately? Looking for a male speaker to speak to a men's MS group. Montel Williams has been mentioned but probably won't fit in the budget.

    Appreciate any suggestions,

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    You can reach out to your local chapter of the NMSS and get an MS Navigator. Or if an Navigator isn't quite what you're looking for, they may have recommendations.
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      Thanks for the response Lauren, I probably should have explained things a bit more. The men's group exists under our local chapter of NMSS and the men's group event will be in conjunction with our chapter but funded, organized and conducted primarily by the men's group themselves.

      This group did this several years ago and it turned out to be very successful, particularly among younger men with MS who are still fully engaged in the work place. I suppose that might be the prototype of speaker appropriate for this particular event, youngish, male, reasonably successful, and thriving despite having M.S. The previous speaker was a guy named Jack Lewellen. He is is a psychologist specializing in motivation at the professional sports level. He had a lot of humorous, interesting and relevant stories.

      Having said that though, I was really just interested in any MS related male speakers anyone out there may have heard and were reasonably impressed with.

      Thanks again,
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        Alan Osmond? Aka donny and Marie's brother. I read somewhere that he did motivational speaking. But haven't checked YouTube to see if examples. Maybe Meridith Veirra's husband Richard Cohen would be available inexpensively, because he has a book coming out Soon. I think he's pretty funny in a wry way.


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          Great suggestions Suebee! Thanks,


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            Two candidates

            I am certainly not famous or recognizable in any way...and have no desire to be so.

            I can though deliver a motivational speech on the topic of MS. I have lived with MS for 20 years - the typical relapsing remitting course with periods of significant disability and remission. I have hiked the Inca Trail, hiked to Everest Base Camp and then 3 years ago up Kilimanjaro. While the career I have led is not what I had planned prior to DX, have been reasonably successful.

            I have delivered a few speeches over the years on the topic of MS - the last time several people thought my profession was that of a motivational speaker and were surprised to learn that it is not. As part of my work I give many presentations (not about MS) and talks to differing audiences of varying sizes.

            I would recommend Dave Bexfield who runs this site. He is a highly qualified public speaker more than capable of delivering a motivational speech about MS describing a very rich set of experiences. So, he would be another candidate as well though like me also outside the world of showbiz.

            Am not looking to get paid to do this. Just share my story to give others with this disease hope.


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              Sounds great Gary, I'll PM you and get you on the list. I did talk to Dave about this last year when it first came up but at that time anyway, he wasn't interested.


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                Hahaha, Larry I saw that suggestion from Gary, but pretended I didn't really see it. You've already heard me speak more than most folks, and it would just be same old smart aleck Dave doing something goofy for a laugh. But seriously, I don't have a speech ready, and when I do it I want to TEDX the heck out of it. I want it to be dynamite. It's on my to-do list...
                Dave Bexfield


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                  Just replyed to your PM Larry

                  Hi Larry - just responded to your PM.

                  Dave a "old smart aleck doing something goofy for a laugh", never!


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                    The TED talk's interesting Dave. Sounds like a good topic for a philosophical discussion over a few drinks. BTW, did you give the presentation at Pedal Los Pueblo this year?

                    Got your stuff Gary, thanks. Good talk!

                    Don't suppose either of you have written a book lately?


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                      No Dave didn't even GO to PLP this year! Very disappointed in that!
                      But I was one of the speakers 😊 so he didn't miss much lol.
                      Missed seeing you there too Larry! I even had Robert save you a beer!


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                        Wish I had been there Krista, I bet you were great!



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                          I'm the secretary-director for a Montreal-based non-profit foundation for youth with MS, called the Tristan WilliaMS Foundation. The founder, Tristan Williams, is a motivational speaker for both cancer and MS, as he is also a two time cancer survivor. You can always contact us to see if he would be able to help you at all. We are extremely busy at all times, but please send us the request if you are interested!

                          Below is our official website.


                          Thank you, best of luck!


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                            Thanks Niko, if the group hasn't made a decision yet I will put Him forward.


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                              A TED talk would be great, Dave.

                              When I'm having a not-so-fine moment, my sister often says, "Stop whining, be like Dave"