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Stem cell treatment observations

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  • Stem cell treatment observations

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has been following the latest stem cell trial outcomes for MS? I've come across a few news reports that relay it has been observed that it isn't too helpful to those who have been diagnosed more than 10 years and those with secondary progressive. I'm guessing that is because the axonal damage had already occurred but I haven't found any real discussion about it. Here is one article I found

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    Northwestern clinical trial

    This clinical trial explains that stem cell treatment is more effective in early stages of disease because it modulates immune response and not axonal damage.


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      Economist evaluates effectiveness of stem cell vs. DMD

      The economist has laid it on the line. It points out how much DMD for MS have increased in cost and none of them have proven to be as effective at treating MS as stem cell treatment. The Economist even references how leukemia is treated. "[T]hough such [DMD] drugs can slow the progression of the disease, they cannot do what the stem-cell therapy seems able to, which is to reverse it and improve patients’ quality of life—for example by allowing them to walk again." Is the economist suggesting that MS may become a condition best treated with stem cells?!?" Wow. That could be a game changer for those significantly impacted early in the disease.



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        Just now caught up with Dave's post on the recent stem cell news. Dave's linked BBC article actually states "There has been resistance to this [stem cell treatment] in the pharma and academic world. This is not a technology you can patent and we have achieved this [successful trial] without industry backing." I guess I shouldn't be surprised. But really excited about the potential. Suebee


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          Dave actually was in a HSCT trial for his active disease. I think if I had really aggressive disease I would like to have this as an option.

          I can't really say if it is any better than some of the new therapies like Lemtrada, etc.

          I think the inclusion Criteria to get in Dr. Burts trial is having failed on approved DMD and evidence of information on MRI.

          The cost is over 100k as the trial does not cover the costs but I think some insurances are covering it.

          Some people are going overseas to have this performed but the I think there are only a few places in the US doing this procedure in a trial setting, Northwestern being one of them. I guess it is something to consider.


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            I kinda wish they would hurry up and decide whether or not this can be a good treatment in early MS. But no research is ever happening fast enough for me. All the while the years tick on by!!

            (Sorry, feeling impatient at the moment!)