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Escape with me on Instagram (for your health)

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  • Escape with me on Instagram (for your health)

    Since my first symptoms began appearing in 2005, I’ve had the good fortune to travel the world—with multiple sclerosis as an ever-present, unwelcomed companion (that other companion of mine, Laura, she’s always welcomed). Recent research has shown not only that people exposed to nature tend to be healthier and happier, but also that even photos alone can achieve similar effects and reduce stress. (

    To that end, I’ve started an Instagram account so that you can travel vicariously with me—past and present—and escape to faraway lands totally removed from our MS world. And don’t worry about thumbs in corners and monuments poking above heads; I’m nearly as good with a camera as I am behind a keyboard. I hope my pics make you smile, relieve a touch of stress, and perhaps provide inspiration for future adventures.
    Dave Bexfield

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    Yours is very ambitious compared to mine, my instagram is mostly my cats and food I am about to eat.