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Zika virus, possible danger to ms patients, prevention

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  • Zika virus, possible danger to ms patients, prevention

    Hi, being the somewhat nervous Nellie that I am, I have been following all the info on Zika virus. Recently, it has been revealed that in rare individuals it can cause ms like demyelination.
    Dr OZ listed the following alternatives to deet on tv yesterday - Picardian (pepper 20%) or
    Oil of lemon eucalyptus 30% (but not for under 3 yrs old ) He said
    Both were as good as deet, less toxic. Although he warned not to get in eyes. Also, you probably heard already that a wind
    Greater than 10 miles an hr, such as a circular fan on high will keep mosquitos away because they have weak tiny wings. (Well its something).

    Here is link to Zika overview:
    Here is blogger raised concerns about Zika affect on
    MSers :

    I'm curious if anyone else is following this or heard more?

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    You're not the only one keeping abreast of the Zikka news, which keeps evolving. I just read an article today about the new disease they are associating with Zikka that mimics MS.

    Thanks for the safer alternatives for insect repellants. Slathering/spraying myself with OFF just doesn't seem like the healthiest thing to do. I guess we'll all have to be vigilant this summer!


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      Zika targets brain cells

      Washington post has disturbing news- the Zika virus appears to target brain cells ...


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        I will be traveling to the Caribbean in June. I will be keeping an eye on this.


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          Zika mutations connected to neuro issues

          Scientists pointing to recent Zika mutations as to why it sometimes targets CNS.


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            Zika/ acute disseminated encephalomyelitis

            Zika linked to acute disseminated encephalomyelitis.


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              Excellent! Something else to be freaked out about