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Comeback advice for "It's all in your mind"?

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  • Comeback advice for "It's all in your mind"?

    A member from the Philippines sent me this nice note. Collectively this group has far more ideas than I do alone. Thoughts? Practical and snarky responses welcomed. - D


    Hope this note finds u well. I would appreciate your wise counsel..

    Since I live in the Philippines, I have been so challenged with the heat. I have been managing pretty well with my MS but the heat is just killing me..

    I don't look sick as I just walk with a limp which is really obvious when I'm tired. How do u deal with people who tells you "everything I feel, is all in the mind"..."Mind over matter".. It is so frustrating!!!!

    Dave Bexfield

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    Wow! I too have a "squishy" leg when tired or hot, but have never been told it's in my mind. How about..."You're right, it is in my mind. I get to see it every year when my brain MRI lights up like a Christmas tree."

    By the way...I have been doing PT for the leg and it has made me more cognizant of how I use the leg, especially when tired. Less people ask why I limp, so it must be helping.

    Also, a few weeks ago I was fitted for a WalkAid. I don't wear it all the time, but my goal is to be able to walk a 5K again, and I'm up to 1.5 miles. Not sure if there is a practitioner to set you up in the Philippines, but I found a nice used model on Ebay for a fraction of the cost.

    Good luck!


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      In the mind

      I spent two years feeling a bit upset about it all, then when people said 'Is it in your mind?' I said, 'Oh yes, holes in the head, it is official, I can show you the mri if you wish' oh and by the way, can you open that door, carry my shopping, help me do this because the holes in my head stop the leg working - No bones about it anymore, I ask everyone to do as much as possible and if in doubt, look pathetic, put your best bra on and a nice t shirt, use your noisy stick so everyone knows you are coming and since I developed these tactics, I have found more 'invisible' people who say oh you must have M.S. I have it too! Now when the shop assistant says, 'Can I help you Madam' (madam for heaven's sake) I say 'Oh yes please, I want a nice young man to help me with all of my shopping and the tall shelves then I would like another nice young man to help me to the car'. Ta very much ha ha


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        Hey, I got lucky MissP. I get to wear my disability on my sleeve.
        Dave Bexfield


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          T shirt attitude

          A few years ago and I still remember it vividly for some reason, a nice chap was on a bike run and on the back of his t shirt it said
          'If I fall over, I am not drunk, I have epilepsy' and I loved that t shirt and his attitude.


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            Oh yea, its all in my head, and neck, and spine.

            But seriously perfect the death glare, it will serve you well. Often when someone says something stupid to me i give the blank death death and blink a few times before wordlessly walking away.