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    I have been looking into buying a medical "dog tag" ID since I do NOT wear bracelets.

    Does anyone have one? What do you put on it?
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    girl1dir =)

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    I'd suggest you look at Road ID products. I have a wrist one that I always wear, not just for cycling. They have similar products for ankle, neck and shoe. What I really appreciate with the Road ID is that you can get the Interactive version, which I have. This gives some basic info on the plate, plus a phone number and PIN for first responders to call to access a very complete medical info including all diagnoses, medication, docs' names/contact info, family/friends contact info. First responders are well aware of Road ID and how to use the interactive feature. It gives me peace of mind when I am involved in any sport, but also when traveling alone. Also keeps the trauma of an accident from clouding your memory about vital information.
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