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NEW BLOG: How to Survive 20 MRIs (and a near catastrophe)

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  • NEW BLOG: How to Survive 20 MRIs (and a near catastrophe)

    Last month, if my count is correct, I had my 20th MRI. And in those 20 MRIs, I’ve learned some valuable lessons that I feel I absolutely must share—lessons that will comfort you on your next tube adventure. Or lessons that will rattle you to the very core and make you shudder in anticipation of your next trip inside The Tunnel of Doom. You never imagine something is going to go wrong. Until it does. Oh, Geez.

    Dave Bexfield

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    HA! Dave, that's one experience i haven't had in an MRI, thankfully! But I have experienced so many of your other scenarios you described in getting my own MRIs. I once had a little reflective mirror on the top of the tube that allowed me see the techs in their control room picking their noses and chatting. I think it was supposed to be reassuring to see people out of the tube, but it didn't do that for me. Here are other tips someone else might find useful for MRIs: , esp. ladies out there : wear a gym bra without metal clips or underwire; make sure your makeup doesn't contain metallic bits in it; take off rings, even if the person who gave it to you swore it was gold ; paint your toenails before your appointment (you can still look pretty with your feet hanging out of the MRI machine); if you get overheated consider no blanket and no socks; ask for a bolster pillow under your knees if your back is uncomfortable laying flat; tell the tech giving you the contrast which vein is the luckiest to stick instead of letting them experiment; ask for earplugs if you can't get music; meditate on a healthy brain with no enhancing lesions; don't freak if you see several doctors run into the control room to look at the monitor - they could be discussing lunch plans This happened to me once! ;
    When you can't take it anymore, thank god that you have insurance to pay for your care, MRIs, and skilled doctors; and finally, figure out what you will do to treat yourself after your appointment - maybe check out a cute coffee shop or lunch place near the Hospital.
    Dave, you sure are a great observer. Thanks for this blog, you show how the mundane MRI experience can be kinda funny.