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  • Beat the Heat Tips

    Got this from a fellow active MSer. Thanks Gale! - D


    I have come up with a partial solution to beat the heat.

    Before I leave the house, I put a freezer pack in a small cooler. I add a cold drink and a wet towel…dish towel size. I put it in my car. Every time I come back to the car from a errand, I take a few sips of the cold drink and put it back in if I still have more places to go. I take the now cold, wet towel and wipe my face and my arms with it. It is amazing what it does to the body! Then, I twist it and put it around my neck while I am driving. At red lights, I re-twist the towel differently to get to the inside cold part of the towel on my neck. If I am wearing shorts, I also wipe the towel up and down my legs. It gives me just enough of a boost of energy to get me to the next place. When I arrive at home, I bring the cooler in the house, put the freezer pack back in the freezer for tomorrow and hang the towel out to dry. Use a clean towel every day, otherwise they start to smell! My husband even loves it and he doesn’t have MS.

    Take care!

    Dave Bexfield

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    Additional cooling tips

    Love the towel idea! We have a rescue cat whose former owners declawed her all four, so when she goes out, I have to go with her. I put a damp towel in the fridge to place on my neck, and have a floor fan behind my 'watch post' seat. It helps!

    Another tip for the car: if you have a cooling vest, drape it over the driver's seat so your back comes in contact with the cooling packs! If you don't have a vest, you can turn up a 'pocket' on the end of a towel (don't sew? Use safety pins) and put ice pack/s in it (hey, lumbar support with cooling!).

    Hang in there, summer's not forever (unless you live on the equator...)!


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      So helpful

      Great ideas!!
      I have learned to always carry ice water with me when I get in the car, in an extra tall seal-able cup with a straw. My cup is also a bit insulated, so the water remains cool even if the ice is melted. Wahoo!

      I have been avoiding going outside as much as possible, but when I do, I'm totally using these tips!
      girl1dir =)