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  • Lichen Sclerosis

    Has anyone here dealt with lichen sclerosis? It's an autoimmune condition that affects the genitalia and is more likely in people who have other autoimmune conditions such as MS. I'm looking for information on treatment options and outcomes.

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    Dr Elizabeth Stewart is one of big experts on this and she wrote "the v book". She still sees patients and the book is on Amazon. Generally, biopsy to confirm and topical steroid cream to area every day for 30 days, followed by maintenance 1-3 x a week. estrogen cream to add back bulk and Lydocain and ky for comfort. I if narrowing is a problem there are also more measures to take.
    If person has iv steroids for another problem (i.e. Ms) that should control
    It too. Note, A medline search of lichen sclerosis and lupus or sarcoid will also give you case studies of sarcoid and lupus masquerading as lichen sclerosis or co-existing. Good luck.


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      Very informative. I'll check out Dr. Stewart's book and Medline. Thank you.