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    I joined a few days ago because I knew I needed to. I'm on another site but people don't post as much as I thought they would. I found this site after I had a pity party for myself and needed to look at some positivity.

    I have a history of a couple of non specific brain lesions and a host of symptoms back in 2010. I've been blowing things off and just dealing with it for the past almost 7 years. After I was rear ended in a car accident in May, my new doctor ordered a brain MRI because the headaches were lingering. 9 lesions were found; one specific for MS (juxtacortical). Recently a full spinal MRI was done. 1 lesion was found in the spinal cord that the Neurologist says is in just the right spot to explain the left sided weakness I've been having for awhile.

    So they wanna see me back in two weeks to discuss a plan of putting me on a DMD.

    That's my story. The short version, but whatever. I really want to be positive and do what you're all doing with the activities so if it's OK, I think I'll just sit back on this site and browse for awhile because I'm not ready to come out of my pity party quite yet.
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    FBNF, glad you found us bunch of optimistic misfits. Sorry for the circumstances, but happy you appear to finally be getting some answers. As for the pity party, rock on, but plan to wrap it up soon. After all, you've got a life to live.

    Browse away, but since you posted, you are now officially in the 1 percent. Most folks on the forum are readers, not posters. And while that is fine, it's posters like you who make this a great resource for MSers and others in the disabled community. Thanks for your first contribution!
    Dave Bexfield


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      That's so true and thanks for telling me like it is. My husband and I are going out on Saturday to a bike shop to buy bicycles to start being really active.

      For Christmas vacation, I had this idea to go to a ski resort and be active there. I've never went skiing before.

      I'm gonna start doing all the things I haven't been doing, including making plans with friends and keeping it, even if I have to tell them to come to my house instead.

      Thank you for starting this website. I'm so glad that I found out. Hopefully soon, we can get others to talk more. There are many people on Facebook support groups who would love this site.


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        We live in Los Angeles. We have taken many road trips before and ended up staying in Denver for a few days on one of them during the Winter. We loved it there. We were actually thinking Colorado, Utah, or Montana so I'm totally in for hearing recommendations


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          We bought bicycles yesterday. We did about a two mile ride around the neighborhood. I was exhausted but I didn't care. I felt desperate and wanted to see if the research about battling fatigue with exercise was true. After that ride, I felt horrible physically but better mentally.

          Last night, I was halfway through cooking dinner and I realized I didn't have any pasta noodles. I decided to suck it up and take my bike instead of the car. The ride felt good. It was a little difficult because of the weakness in my left side but I did it.

          I didn't feel as wiped out that time. I made it all the way until midnight!! I had minimal pain in my legs. I was tired but I wasn't so exhausted that I couldn't keep my eyes open. There didn't seem to be much brain fog It was so wonderful to be able to spend more time with my husband.

          I'm gonna keep doing it!!!