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Add-On Daclizumab Treatment May Be Better In Reducing Multiple Sclerosis

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  • Add-On Daclizumab Treatment May Be Better In Reducing Multiple Sclerosis

    Have you read this,
    An article published Online First and in the April edition of The Lancet Neurology reports that add-on daclizumab treatment might reduce multiple sclerosis disease activity more than standard interferon beta treatment alone. The article is the work of Dr John W Rose, Neurovirology Research Laboratory, VA Medical Center, Salt Lake City, Utah and University of Utah, USA, and colleagues.

    Daclizumab is a humanised monoclonal antibody. It is a genetically engineered antibody with a human structure and specific binding sites. Daclizumab has reduced multiple sclerosis disease activity in earlier non-randomised studies. The authors aimed in this new study to investigate whether daclizumab reduces disease activity in patients with active relapsing multiple sclerosis who are receiving standard interferon beta treatment.

    Fifty-one centres in the USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, and Spain took part in this phase 2, randomised study. Patients with active relapsing multiple sclerosis who were taking interferon beta were randomly assigned to different groups:

    interferon beta and high-dose daclizumab group: received add-on subcutaneous daclizumab 2 mg/kg every two weeks
    interferon beta and low-dose daclizumab group: received daclizumab 1 mg/kg every four weeks
    interferon beta and placebo group, for twenty-four weeks
    read the full news at
    Hope they find something good for us
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