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When is a diet a diet... and not a fad

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  • When is a diet a diet... and not a fad

    The latest buzz on diets for multiple sclerosis have a new target: lectins, a type of protein found in lots of foods, in particular grains and beans. And yes, going "lectin-free" is sure to fix up your MS if you believe the hype.

    Here's how the Washington Post article says you can spot a fad. Agree or disagree?

    Articles that promote the lectin-free diet cite it as a miraculous cure-all for arthritis, multiple sclerosis and even cancer. Thatís the first sign itís a fad ó overblown promises of astonishing health benefits before any clinical proof exists.

    The next sign of a fad is a long list of foods to eliminate. Whatís not allowed on the lectin-free diet? Whole grains, beans, peas, lentils, nuts, seeds, tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, dairy, eggs and fruit ó theyíre all out. Thatís pretty much my entire grocery list. Obviously this diet is not sustainable, and it unnecessarily cuts out a wide range of nutritious ingredients.

    Itís also a likely fad when everyone ó regardless of age, health status or medical needs ó is advised to follow the same diet. How can one diet work for everyone?

    Finally, itís a fad when scare tactics persuade you to spend money on supplements. Of course, anti-lectin advocates sell expensive pills (just $79.95 a month) that claim to neutralize or reduce the negative effect of lectins.
    Dave Bexfield

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    I refuse to diet in any way shape or form. I eat a varied diet, heavy on veggies and beans, light on meat; and in reasonable portions. Limit sweets except during the holidays when my bride can't stop cooking pies and cakes!

    Everything in moderation, eating to live, not living to eat, lets me maintain a healthy weight.

    New, live forever, cure all your ills diets come and go. I ignore them all.
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      OK so I can't eat grains, beans, gluten, meat, lactose, etc etc etc.

      Urgh I am so sick of this. I eat whole foods that we cook for ourselves (including bread I make myself from whole wheat flour). I am going with that.


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        Totally agree with the fad theory, especially when linked to expensive supplements. Am newly DX'd and steering myself through the choppy waters of scary drugs and wacky diets. Jelinek was my first foray - mistake!


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          I have no interest in exotic diets and expensive supplements either. I went through a few years of chasing protocols trying to control MS. But now I just try to eat whole, unprocessed home-cooked foods and there's very little I add to that. I do what makes sense for me and doesn't give me wicked indigestion. I try to stay out of the doctors office for as long as I can.

          Goatherder, my dad used to say that, " to live, not live to eat" lol! He also used to say, " are what you eat...". (My parents were polar opposites when it came to food, but that's another story.).

          I remember, my dad totally getting into herbal remedies and this one author in particular. Eventually the writer's claims were declared false, but dad just kept up a whole food regimen and improved some of his health issues.


          My Two Numb Feet - An MS Diary


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            I agree, I am skeptical of fad diets promising to cure a host of ailments. I also know that a rigid diet will increase my stress level about trying to follow it. I agree too that whole food, unprocessed has to be good for you. But there is probably something to the philosophy that foods which trigger allergic reactions or increase inflammation are not good for people with immune issues. Maybe Swank's ideas that too much protein leaks into system and triggers bad immune response in MS makes a lot of more sense today
            Or even recent ideas that too much sugar triggers immune issues. I guess that is why when a good friend told me to get tested to see if i cant absorb folic acid, and told me it is the biggest undiagnosed problem which causes immune disorders, Im hopeful but not rushing out for a blood test.


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              I weigh about one hundred pounds less than I did five years ago. I found my weight increasing and my mobility decreasing. I took six months to loose ninety pounds through diet and exercise. I have maintained that loss by eating reasonably and walking. Everyone that I known who has gone on a diet in that time has failed and even gained weight. Make long term lifestyle changes, Diets tend to fail.


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                OMS diet a mistake

                Originally posted by wobblygirl04 View Post
                Totally agree with the fad theory, especially when linked to expensive supplements. Am newly DX'd and steering myself through the choppy waters of scary drugs and wacky diets. Jelinek was my first foray - mistake!
                I was wondering why you said Jelineks diet was a mistake ?


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                  This leaves some veggies and fruits.
                  Of which I am allergic to the raw varieties.
                  I'd die.


                  girl1dir =)