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A solution for when you GOTTA GO during a movie

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  • A solution for when you GOTTA GO during a movie

    I read about this app (free for Apple and Android) in The Week. A nifty trick to deal with MS urgency at the movie theater. - D

    RunPee pinpoints the ideal time to dash to the bathroom during just about any movie. You can watch for a particular cue or set your phone to vibrate at the right moment. While you're in the loo, the app provides a synopsis of what you're missing.

    Dave Bexfield

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    What will they think of next?

    I've gone to the movies once in the last 12 years, when we first got into town. The theater had no seating areas for a wheelchair, and refused to let me park my chair in the aisle and sit in the adjacent seat. My wife and son watched the movie, I went back to the car and waited.
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