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Favorite Smartphones to help w/ cog fog??

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  • Favorite Smartphones to help w/ cog fog??

    Hello to all, I appreciate all the great info!! Quick question about smart phones... I know we are all a little different in how we process information. That being said I have been having quite a hard time with regaining my cognitive abilities since last relapse and my current Samsung S5 is giving me more trouble or we are not so compatible, my question is does anyone have a preference to a smart phone that helps them with keeping your "stuff" in one sock...well as much as possible? LOL... anyway thank you in advance and Happy Holidays to all. warm wishes Becca :-)

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    I use a cheap, plain vanilla Android phone I paid all of $30 for at Walmart. It's on the Tracfone system.

    If you are handy with computer stuff, this is a great solution:

    What I do to keep track of everything, is to make lists so I don't forget stuff. I use a combination of my Android, along with a desktop computer, both running a free program called ownCloud

    The Android runs client software, the desktop runs some simple server software that's very easy to install.

    Using this system, I or my wife can write notes on any computer, phone, or tablet in the house, and that note, or calendar event, or shopping list etcetera, pops right up on my phone.

    I find I remember things better after I type them into a list, which I'll do on my bed-side desktop computer. Then, when I get to the store for instance, my list is already on my phone as a reminder.

    Really helps keep my wife and I on the same page, and helps me remember stuff I'd normally forget!
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      Thank you

      Thank you for your time and response

      many well wishes _-Becca


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        Becca, here's a link to check out accessibility features on your phone:

        And even better, you can also turn on Easy Mode to make using your phone, well, easier.

        I use the app Google Keep for note taking. It works well to help keep track of everything.
        Dave Bexfield


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          Sorry about the cognitive impairment, I know how bad it can be. Tech items are essentially impossible to learn. Wish that I had a good answer for you.


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            Thank you very much for your help and all that you do :-)


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              I appreciate the kind words and support