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  • PODCAST: The Active MS Dude

    "The Active MS Dude" is featured in a new podcast as Marie interviews me for @truthbetoldms. I sure hope I didn't say anything too crass. (But I probably did.) Note it's nearly 30 minutes, so it's good for a drive or a beer or two (not both at the same time).

    Dave Bexfield, the founder of, sits down with Marie this week to talk about being active and staying fit while living with MS. Dave’s motto is: Be Active, Stay Fit and Keep Exploring and his life is a true testament to those words. Diagnosed in 2006, after finally escaping the “freak-out zone”, Dave began sharing his journey and adventures, while travelling across the world, with his readers.

    Dave talks about the rate at which his MS became aggressive, clinical trials and stem cell transplants. In 2010 Dave received the transplant and lived almost symptom free for 4 years before symptoms slowly began to make their way back. With his wife Laura by his side, Dave still remains active with the use of whatever he can get his hands on to keep him mobile.
    Dave Bexfield