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  • Planes ,Trains and Automobiles + Boat and Scooter

    Scooter Planes , Trains , Automobiles and Boats

    I recently went on a vacation with my newly acquired travel scooter The trip involved , taxi to the airport, flying to Boston ,cruise to Montreal and fly home to Vancouver.
    It was quite the adventure.
    The airport and customs was a breeze. Handicap have a special faster line through security. Getting on the plane I scooted right up to the planes door, showed the airline staff the printout from their web page. The printout explained storage procedure for the scooter battery (remove and carry on) The staff didn’t like that idea and discussed it while delaying the plane 20 minutes.
    Exiting the plane was great when we got off my scooter was there waiting and off we went . We loaded it into the taxi and went to the hotel.
    In Boston we got on a local train with the scooter and went to visit a cousin
    Boarding he cruise ship was also a breeze. I put my carry on bag under my legs, and my wife didn’t have to carry my things
    First stop was Bar Harbor Maine. The crew on the ship asked how heavy was the scooter as they were going to carry it onto the tender for the day trip. My wife and I got onto the tender . As they were carrying the scooter they tipped it and the battery came loose and tumbled down the stairs momentarily stopping at the bottom and then plopped in the ocean Luckily for me I brought two new batteries
    My wife went back to the cabin and got the second battery and off to shore we went.
    In Sydney Nova Scotia I got tired of carrying my crutches while on the scooter. So my wife and I scooted to Rona building supply and bought some broom holders that I mounted on the back of the seat to hold the crutches
    It was great having the scooter to do exploring even though my range was now cut in half(only one battery).
    I learned that cobble stones and rough surfaces can be hard on the bladder (lots of pee breaks). But it was all worth while.
    Getting off the plane from Montreal to Vancouver , I exited the plane got on the scooter to find it wouldn’t power up. It turned out they had dropped my second battery pack We put the scooter in free wheel mode and went to customer service.
    Customer service on both Holland America and Westjet were excellent. Holland America reimbursed me $530CDN and Westjet is having a new battery shipped to me.
    Even with the problem we had a great trip and will definitely bring it traveling again

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    Sounds like a wonderful trip! Thank you for posting details about your traveling with rhe scooter. It helps to hear how others manage traveling.


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      trip w/ scooter

      so good of you to share that story. am about to buy a scooter; do you mind sharing which one you used? many thanks


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        Mine is an ultralite UL370. it has been discontinued , I bought it used and then bought two new batteries for a total investment of $225
        I looked at lots of different one and this suited all my needs.
        It comes apart into three pieces or folds for easy storage. With the battery it weighs 70 lbs.
        It has a platform for your feet , not pegs ,so you can put your feet in different positions
        I'm able to put my carryon bag under by legs and hardly notice it is there. With my two batteries under ideal conditions it has a 20 mile range
        I'm a car guy and alway like fast things. This scooter has a top speed of 4 mph which at first I wasn't happy with . But after using it Ive determined it goes plenty fast. It is faster than a normal walk. Also on rough surfaces you would want to go any faster
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          Nice read, thanks for sharing your experiences traveling.
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