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Rock Steady Boxing for Parkinsonís

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  • Rock Steady Boxing for Parkinsonís

    Greetings Good People,
    I started volunteering at a fitness facility for children and adults with special needs. Today I observed their Rock Steady Boxing Program for persons with Parkinsonís. As I watched the class I started thinking it would be a great class for persons with M.S. Have any of you heard of such a thing? My wife used to work out at a gym called 9 Round Boxing. She would come home and tell me how much she thought it would help me with balance, coordination, etc. Thoughts?

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    Hey Grady, yeah it's a great idea. I had a personal trainer who had been a physical therapist for people with neurological damage who had me doing various boxing moves. It was indeed a super exercise for balance and coordination and required surprising cardiovascular vascular stamina. It would be neat to see something like that set up for pwMS.



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      Does boxing using my Wii count? It certainly tested my timing and coordination, and I did improve.
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