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Travelling to the US & Canada: LDN & mobility aids query

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  • Travelling to the US & Canada: LDN & mobility aids query

    My partner and I are planning a road trip from San Francisco to Vancouver - weíll hire a car - and then an Alaskan cruise later this year.

    I rely on low dose natrexone to help with muscle spasms and bladder urgency. Which only lasts a month and weíll be gone for six weeks. In NZ this requires a doctorís prescription and has to be made up in a compounding pharmacy. Can anyone advise on how I might get it in Seattle or possibly Vancouver?

    Also, this will be the first time Iíve traveled with a small electric sit on scooter and trekking poles for walking short distances. Has anyone had any problems with these on planes and at airport security?

    Thanks loads!

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    Way to find out

    I don't know the answer but have a suggestion. Call a pharmacy in Vancouver (or other city you know you'll be in with appropriate timing). I would suggest a chain such as Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada and ask them. I suggest a chain because you can then plan on using that chain and should easily be able to find them, not necessarily the store you call in the first place. That way you have some options but the policies they have should be the same and you can say 'but I called one of your stores on <date> and this is what they said to do'.


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      Hey Katha,
      Sounds like a fun trip! Here's another thought for you with respect to the LDN. You might contact the Swedish Multiple Sclerosis Center in Seattle. Chances are they have someone on board who helps patients navigate the medical environment there and may have some suggestions on how and where you might get your LDN compounded in the area. Their website is

      As far as traveling with mobility aids, I've generally had pretty good luck. A cane is no problem at all. I've never had a problem with AFO's either, worst case has been a wanding and physical pat down. Hiking poles can cause a bit of a stir as some places might not like the pointy ends they have although I think I only ever had to put them in checked baggage once. Normally they go right through or I get an onsite variance.

      I don't use a scooter so don't have first hand experience but I would imagine the worst case might be that you'd have to check it and use airline provided transportation to and from the plane.

      I did a version of the cruise from Alaska to Vancouver when I was quite young and can only say it was an unforgettable lifetime experience. Have Fun,



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        The advice of others is good, so I don't have a lot more to offer on that. Your trekking poles don't have to be checked if you are using them, but if you are using a scooter, checking them with your bags might be safer. But I imagine they won't give you a hard time.

        That trip sounds fantastic. If you need any specific advice holler. I've done that trek and it is unforgettable. So, so much to see and that is one of my fave areas. Six weeks is brilliant. I only had three in NZ and it wasn't nearly long enough!
        Dave Bexfield


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          Thanks all for the helpful suggestions!

          Iím hoping we still get to go as the Covid19 timing isnít looking great. Might get most of a cruise ship to ourselves though...