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Does this website increase physical activity? (A research study says yes!)

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  • Does this website increase physical activity? (A research study says yes!)

    I'll be darned, the internet motivates us folks with MS, so says this new research study. After you read about it, get down and give me 20! - Dave

    Internet intervention for increasing physical activity in persons with multiple

    Motl RW, Dlugonski D, Wójcicki TR, McAuley E, Mohr DC.

    Department of Kinesiology and Community Health, University of Illinois at
    Urbana-Champaign, USA.

    Background: Physical activity has been associated with improvements in walking
    mobility and quality of life in persons with multiple sclerosis (MS), and yet
    this population is largely sedentary and inactive compared with the general
    population. Objectives: We conducted a pilot, randomized controlled trial (RCT)
    for examining the effect of an Internet intervention based on social cognitive
    theory (SCT) for favorably increasing physical activity among persons with MS. We
    further examined variables from SCT as possible mediators of the Internet

    Methods: We randomly allocated 54 persons with MS into either an
    Internet intervention condition or a waitlist control condition. The participants
    completed measures of physical activity, self-efficacy, outcome expectations,
    functional limitations, and goal setting before and after the 12-week period.
    Results: The intervention group reported a statistically significant (p = 0.01)
    and large increase in physical activity over time (d = 0.72), whereas the control
    group had a small (d = 0.04) and non-significant change in physical activity (p =
    0.71). The intervention group further reported a statistically significant (p =
    0.001) and large increase in goal setting over time (d = 0.97), whereas the
    control group had a small (d = -0.13) and non-significant change (p = 0.17). The
    change in goal setting over time mediated the effect of the Internet intervention
    on physical activity behavior.

    Conclusions: This pilot study sets the stage for a
    subsequent RCT that includes a larger sample of persons with MS, longer
    intervention period along with a follow-up, objective measure of physical
    activity, and secondary outcomes of walking mobility and QOL.
    Dave Bexfield