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Blown ACL? Ugh, my first injury related to MS

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  • Blown ACL? Ugh, my first injury related to MS

    On my last snowboard run of the day at Taos March 20 (the first weekend boarders were allowed on the mountain), I was getting off the lift. Unfortunately since I can't really feel my feet, my back foot couldn't find the board and I fell awkwardly, twisting my knee something scary.

    I could still board down the mountain and hike in Bhutan, but to this day it hasn't felt right. So I went to see a knee doc the other day and he suspects a torn ACL. So lucky me, I get to go have an MRI July 18. It'll be weird going the "wrong way" in that tube!
    Dave Bexfield

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    sorry to hear you injured yourself. hope the MRI goes well and your recovery will be soon.

    never nice to find out that things dont go well, because the body fails because of the MS.

    I've got fallen of my bike once and brused my legs too often because of the bad balance and non feeling in feet.

    grrrr. frustrating sometimes.

    and sometimes fun: as I had my first wheelchair basketball practice and told my boss the next day I couldn't come to work because of a sports injury: the biggest blister I've even seen on my thumb



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      Just got a call from the knee doc today. Great news. The ACL is just inflamed, not torn. Apparently being the stubborn exerciser I am, I need to let it rest and avoid exercises that aggravate that knee tendon. Which is what I've apparently been doing for the past couple months, causing the pain and not letting it heal. This is a HUGE relief. Okay, enough chit-chat, back to working out I go.
      Dave Bexfield


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        good to hear that's its not torn. sometimes indeed rest would be the best thing to do. hope you can push yourself into getting the rest your body needs.

        but where are the pics?