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*REVISED* Video of Hope... to be shown to CONGRESS!?!?

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  • *REVISED* Video of Hope... to be shown to CONGRESS!?!?

    I was contacted the other day by a neurologist who is working on Capitol Hill, and he said his group is interested in showing the Video of Hope to members of Congress and perhaps have me testify. One of their missions: get insurance companies to cover more clinical trials and my story, for better or worse, makes me an ideal poster child.

    I've just finished tweaking the video to make it more appropriate (no discussion of cute nurses or sponge baths; even though it was in jest, I do sincerely apologize to those I may have offended—my creativity sometimes gets the better of me).

    Thanks again for all the amazing assistance and the photos of hope. Perhaps your image will be immortalized forever in the halls of Congress ... and, um, on CSPAN2.

    Here's the revised video:
    Dave Bexfield

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    Very cool Dave.

    I actually live in the DC area. So, if you end up coming out to our nation's capital to testify and need any taxi service, lodging, other needs or just fancy a chat - don't hestiate to ask...sorry, no sponge bath service though....