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Gilenya and VO2max, exercise tolerance

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    Concerned about exercise tolerance too

    I'm now in my fourth week of Gilenya. A week ago I went out for a 40-mile bike ride I've done for years. I had to stop a couple of times because I felt light-headed, weak and even a tad nauseous. This has never happened. I did the same ride just before going on Gilenya and felt great. I'm now going through stiffness, fatigue and feeling rotten—which I guess is common in the early going. I've contacted my neuro and she's scheduling me for blood and urine tests. But I'm concerned about what Gilenya may do to my ability to do the strenuous exercise I enjoy. Gilenya is the fifth MS drug I've been on in the 11 years since diagnosis. Never had side effects like these before. Gilenya's effect on the heart worries me, though. I look forward to hearing from others on this subject.