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This forum does not bite!

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  • This forum does not bite!

    Today, a couple hours ago, a record 16 people were browsing this forum. But not one person posted, much less even registered.

    Fellow MSers, it's easy. Registering takes a couple minutes and is absolutely necessary to control spam. All of your information including your e-mail is kept totally private.

    More importantly, for this forum to be a robust place for people to gain information, share active passions, and connect with one another, we need you to participate. Stop thinking about it and just do it. Trust me, you'll start making a difference in someone's life with that first post.
    Dave Bexfield

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    lol ...

    Hi Dave - the other forums I do post on have huge drug companies that support them .. so they have become the "popular" places to post .. kinda feel like a lab rat though ...

    My mind thinks that they are nothing more than info gathering sites, and the "bloggers" are "expert" bloggers .. which also makes me wonder ???

    But I love to post, and spread the word to others about this forum, as people may be just seeing what you have here to offer ... for me it is relief , release and maybe even making a connection with someone or two that share my experiences ...

    Thanks for a great job setting this up .. so far so good !



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      here another one who likes looking and chatting around here.
      you're doing great!

      greetings, Angela


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        I like the fact that there is more to read about than troubles and sorrows on this site. I want to do my best to not get sucked into letting MS define who I am. When I spend time checking out another board, it seems like I don't think as positive as I do when I think about getting back into running and kayaking, and hiking.

        This board definitely is more edifying than some that I have experienced!
        fides quaerens intellectum


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          This is a great site. I love the positive attitudes and reading about people's accomplishments.


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            long time

            hello - it has been a while since i have been here .. as i don't post much .. but am just grateful for dave remembering me , and grateful for his emails reminding me that you all are here for me ...

            thanks ... agserra (adrian)
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