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Can anyone tell me what to expect at a neuro-opthamologist appt?

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  • Can anyone tell me what to expect at a neuro-opthamologist appt?

    I have already had an episode (at least one, probably 2) of optic neuritis that was blatantly evident, neuro & regular opth. was able to Dx but never went to neuro-opth. But lately having different eye issues that neuro wants me to go to neuro-opth. Can anyone tell me what to expect?

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    These guys are few and far between. typically they are very bright and are awesome trouble shooters. expect a lengthier appt. than a general ophthalmologist and expect to give a very detailed history. bring a copy of your most recent mri, reports and labs. plan on being dilated and i would also expect a visual field and possibly an oct. bring your previous last few exams and most recent glasses with you. they tend to appreciate organization. the more organized you are the smoother your appt will go. my background includes working as a float tech with 20+ ophthalmologists. the neuro-ophthalmologist in 19 years was (and still is) easily the braniac of them all.


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      My neuro is sending over all of my records for me to the neuro-opthal. but I never would have thought to have brought my latest MRI, thanks for the advice, just got one and have the cd, and actually have a neuro appt the day after the neuro-opthal. to go over, never would have thought to have brought that one. Do you think I need to bring like blood work labs too? I have other issues going on as well i.e. liver stuff, or no? I seem to carry all of that stuff with me lately anyway so it wouldn't be a big deal, dealing with all these docs lately is a bit overwhelming, I am trying my best to streamline the process myself because none of them seem to be able to! LOL. They did tell me over the phone when I made the appt that it would be 3-4 hours long! Can't imagine what would be that lengthy. But I would like to get to the bottom of this. I am concerned though b/c I think it might have been another optic neurtis that is resolving itself now, wonder if there will be anything he will be able to see, the pain is starting to come and go, not as constant any more and the blurriness is coming and going as well. But this is much different than the other 2 ONs, I lost vision for periods of time then, no bad blurries, this was like pain with a total film feeling over my total right eye (same eye as prior problem of course, all of my involvement at least up till now has been only my right side). Thanks for responding to my question!