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    Does anyone feel bad the week before their next infusion? I usually do and don't know if it is the medicine or just me. Also on the day of the infusion I am so wiped out I am useless. Thanks for any information.

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    I don't get that feeling before the infusion that so many do. The week after I have horrid fatigue though. I've talked to my neuro, the biogen idec nurse and the infusion nurses and its a-typical to have fatigue for a week AFTER, the week before is normal though lol


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      Tired After

      During the first year I remember being extremely tired the evening after my infusion and into the next day. This effect is not as great now, unless I have am fighting a cold or something.

      I remember reading someone's post on another board; "How can I get SO tired from sitting in a chair for two or three hours?"

      Hope it gets better for you.