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BLOG: Yo, Pal, Gotta Permit???

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  • BLOG: Yo, Pal, Gotta Permit???

    On a recent late fall trip to Wisconsin, my wife and I had grand plans to go out to dinner to a nice restaurant near the Madison state capitol. As we were circling the capitolóparking is notoriously challenging near the statehouseóa handicapped parking space opened up just steps away from the restaurantís front door (and a scarce few minutes away from our reservation time). What a perfect start to what was surely going to be a memorable evening.

    That is, until the car in front of us suddenly veered over into the precious spot. And a college-aged driver bounded out of the car with nothing hung on his rearview mirror. Really? It all happened so fast I didnít even realize that I had rolled down my window to holler at the guy....
    Dave Bexfield

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    Glad it worked out well in the end, but I hope that guy realizes how easy he got off! And that maybe he thinks at least twice before trying something like that again.


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      At first I thought Yeah you've got all the rights in the world to be angry and frustrated by people like this who take some things for granted but was glad to read how things turned out and understood that you were right of reacting that way thus not letting something like this ruin your perfect evening with your wife