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FREE iPhone/iPad app for MSers

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  • FREE iPhone/iPad app for MSers

    Fellow active MSer Krista sent me this tidbit (doh, she has a Droid!). - Dave

    MY MS MANAGER App now available as a free download!

    My MS Manager is MSAA's new mobile
    phone application, provided free of charge to individuals with multiple sclerosis or their care partner to use on their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

    This first-of-its-kind app for MS offers individuals a convenient and effective tool to manage the ever-changing course of the disease.
    My MS Manager allows you to input and store:
    Comprehensive medical records
    Contact information of your healthcare team
    Descriptions of MS flare-ups, tracking their duration, frequency and intensity
    Information about side effects and effective treatment strategies
    Important details essential to staying one step ahead of your MS

    My MS Manager is now available in the Apple App Store* and can be accessed by visiting

    *Currently, My MS Manager is only available on the Apple mobile platform. MSAA is hopeful that this application will be available to Android and Blackberry mobile users in the near future.
    Dave Bexfield

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    Wow, that really is interesting Dave. Do you know if that application is available in Apple UK as well? I tried looking but not sure if I am doing it right.


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      Hi Dave or anyone familiar with this application. I am seriously thinking of getting either the IPhone or IPad so I can get this MS application. The question is which do I go for, the IPhone or the IPad. I am interested in setting up a journal as well along with the application. Any thoughts, advice or tips would be most welcome! Happy 4th of July! Shame I can't be there to celebrate it


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        Since I didn't hear from anybody, I ended up going for the iPad 2. It was really easy to get to set up. And I downloaded the application and made my first journal entry already woohoo! I was particularly impressed when I was signing up for the program, it asked me if they could get my location and I clicked yes. When I was having a look around the program, there was a section for Gym, I clicked on it and it showed a map of Glasgow and all the gyms nearby me. Also it has another section for hospitals and it, again, showed a map with all the hospitals nearby. Very impressive stuff I must say and it is totally free!


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          I know this thread is old, but I tried this app a while back and I can't get it to recognize me. I keep getting a username/password error. Anybody else have issues with it?