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ASEA Salt Water Miracle? I think snake oil

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  • ASEA Salt Water Miracle? I think snake oil

    Hey everybody, so one of the support groups I go to has a member who takes a 100% holistic approach to her MS and she invited a rep for ASEA to our last meeting. (She is now also a rep for ASEA which is sold via MLM)
    I'm really curious if anybody here takes asea or has heard about it. Asea is distilled water and sodium chloride that the rep claims goes through a 3 day process to turn it into a fluid that you drink to "Reverse Your MS". He also said it has over 30 patents pending and can be used for nearly 100 conditions including HIV (he actually said HIV patients showed up negative after taking enough ASEA).
    ASEA is sold through MLM scheme which right away should sound off alarms but I do want to know if anybody here uses it. If you do use it do you feel a difference?
    I feel this rep took advantage of these MS patients giving them false hope in a 32oz bottle of salt water for $40 or $150 for a case.
    What do you think? Am I judging this all wrong?
    Rob Davidson
    Active With MS

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    Definitely Snake Oil!

    This stuff is very well marketed, but it is definitely total bunk.
    I heard about this stuff from a patient of mine who was convinced he didn't need to take his cardiac med due to the wonderful curative powers of ASEA. He was also marketing this stuff. (This is just very expensive salt water.) My patient stopped his regular heart meds a year ago. Last week, two weeks after I saw him and he told me about this wonderful stuff, he had a heart attack and had stints placed. A week later the stints failed and he had open heart surgery.
    No one will ever know if this would have happened if he had taken his conventional meds, but he is now a cardiac cripple.
    I know this doesn't apply directly to MS, but the ASEA folks are claiming to cure everything.
    I suspect that ASEA will be out of business before long. They are definitely making unappropriate and misleading health claims. Don't be sucked into false hope.
    (MD with MS)


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      Sorry to hear about your patient. That's why I'm afraid for my fellow support group members that bought this stuff and are considering dropping their meds. The truly scary thing about ASEA to me is that these reps really seem to believe what they're saying. Logic would stand to reason that if ASEA could do anything it claims then a MLM format would not be the way to sell it. It's such a scam, how can you tell desperate people that this saltwater reverses MS, HIV and so many other things. Its just so irresponsible and inappropriate for them to come to a support group meeting where many of the members are looking for anything to grab onto that they spend the money and don't look back. I can't stop them from getting ASEA but I'll voice my opinion. No matter how many patents pending they try to tell me about i'll remember that one can obtain a patent for a product that turns apple juice into beer and not have to prove it for a year. To this date I don't think ASEA has any public record patents. Best to you and your patient. Keep Fighting.
      Rob Davidson
      Active With MS


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        I am immediately suspicious of anything with the word "Miracle" in it's name. And I don't buy anything from any company that sells using the MLM model.

        I don't know anyone who has taken it, but it seems to be total crap. I hate people and companies that prey on the false hopes of sick people.

        I would love some miracle cure for my MS, but there isn't one. Anyone saying their is and trying to sell it to me, I am suspicious of them.


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          Ooh NaCl water miracle!!
          Reminds me of the Dihydrogen Monoxide (spoof) campaign.
          Turns out there are people who didn't realise it was H2O. Knowledge of Chemistry can sometimes be such a killjoy!