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  • Scuba Diving?

    Hi All

    I am going to visit Israel for 2 weeks for a family wedding in May and decided to get our open water certification there. I have previous done the Discover Scuba course, when we did 2 dives... 20 feet and 40 feet. However, a requirement of this course is to have a doctor sign off on the activity for you. Multiple Sclerosis is a "relative" risk factor on the instructions for doctors.

    I had never though I shouldn't do this activity. I know if I am feeling unwell at the time that I cannot participate, but now I wonder if there is some real reason a person with MS should not dive.

    Does anyone have any experience with it?

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    Marina, lucky you!
    In answer to your question, no, there is no reason I can think of, that a person with MS should not dive, especially you, a runner, cyclist and swimmer. In all likelihood, having to get a doctor’s permission is merely a liability dodge.

    I’ve got somewhere around 500 dives under my belt, all with MS, the most recent just last summer. It seems to me both snorkeling and scuba diving are something many MSers could safely do. And, as you already know, it is a whole New World down there.

    Diving in the Mediterranean, I’m jealous!
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      I second AMF's opinion. There is no reason you shouldn't dive. Have a great time.

      Pell - And I play a doctor in real life....


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        Thanks for your input! I hadn't even thought the MS would be factor unless I was having some specific issue.

        I am definitely looking forward to it!


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          Marina, doing any cycling this year? How's the tri training going?


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            I've loved going scuba in the Pacific. I find the cooling effect nice.


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              Hi AMF - I honestly don't know if I will be doing any cycling this year. I lost my confidence after last season and bike MS. When the weather warms up I might take a few slow and easy rides with my hybrid to see where I am with the vertigo and balance,

              I am definitely psyching myself out about it. I am disappointed with myself...but what can you do?