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  • Orangetheory

    Has anyone tried Orangetheory classes? I would like to, but I know they would need to be modified for me.

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    sdvande, I've moved this to the Fitness forum so it gets more attention. I have not tried OT.

    Dave Bexfield


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      Hey, good news! I think the answer will not relate to your level of disability but how comfortable are self-modifying exercises and identifying yourself to instructor (and class members) as someone with MS. I think OT is based on HITT, and I found HITT is the best way to exercise for me because it allows me to switch muscle groups often, allowing me to get an aerobic workout and increase endurance. I also think people in the class will respect you for giving it a whirl.

      As an example, I inadvertently walked into the wrong room of a gym (I thought I was in Pilates) but I actually was in Body Combat. LOL. I like to give MS "the bird" so to speak every once in awhile, so I stuck it out, modified everything. I felt pretty pumped because I lasted the class and I was surrounded by some serious exercisers. I actually took the class a 2nd time, but I pulled over a chair in the back (after checking with instructor) and did movements while sitting when I needed a break.

      I also took several Body Pump classes as a guest with a friend at Gold's. I only used the bar without weights. I resisted the temptation to put even 2lbs on it. I modified some of the lunges and overheads because I couldn't do it repeatedly. What is great about small group instruction is that the instructor was able to give me help if I had the wrong form. Correct form is so important when lifting free weights! I also probably did reps at 1/2 the speed. Again, it was so amazing to be part of a class with so many people lifting a lot of weight. I wasn't on the sidelines, observing. That was great for my spirit. My competitive nature also woke up and I kept going. On the aside, my friend, without MS, is also competitive, and she put 30 lbs on her bar. She needed to stay in bed by the end of the week and I didn't. In addition to giving me something to tease her about, it told me I modified Body Pump ok for me. ).

      Good Luck to you. Go give MS the Bird!