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Muscle Tone in Arms and Legs RRMS

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  • Muscle Tone in Arms and Legs RRMS

    Hello, I am new here. I just discovered this forum after having been diagnosed for about 12 years ago. I used to be very active in yoga and walking or any physical activity involving my kids. As they grew older, I stopped working out much, if ever, and now am trying to get my muscles back- I have lost so much muscle tone in my arms and legs.
    Recently I bought an elliptical machine and started seriously getting back into yoga again, and added some free weights for my arms. I added alternate my workouts, and have gone from only three days a week to 6 to 7 days a week now, thanks to the FitBit I got for Christmas that guilts me into making sure I do work out almost daily. I’ve really been working hard at it since January.
    It’s been a very slow road back but I keep pressing onward. My balance has improved a lot and I’m feeling stronger again. I just keep wondering if I will ever get toned arms and legs again! I have managed to maintain my weight and stick pretty much to low carb clean eating.
    I tries searching to see if anyone else or has been in my situation but did not readily find any posts, so decided to introduce myself and inquire here.

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    Beth, thatís awesome that you are committing to this exercise plan! Iím like you in a lot of respects, MS low endurance has made it challenging for me to adhere to a routine. But Dr Whalís helped me understand the physiological aspects of it, which helped me reframe my exercise goals. She explains, I paraphrase from memory, that with MS we need to exercise just to maintain, building muscle and strength is going to require more than before MS. She has a lot of material out there about feeding your body (mitochondria) and using FES to get stronger. I found HITT worked best for me along with TRX. Keep it up, check out Dr whals info and keep us up dated on your progress.


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      Thanks Suebee! I have read Dr. Wahl's book and watched her Ted Talk a while ago. I forgot that she said all of that! LOL! It's true, though. But, when I am working out, I feel so much better, even if it is not the kind of workout I used to do. I am loving yoga, and the elliptical is pushing me too. Trying to keep on with the arms. Boy do they get tired fast, and stay that way. And my wrists are weaker than I thought too. Working on that as well. Baby steps! So glad I found this group. Very positive and exactly what I need. I am not a fan of the negativity out there from some of the MS groups. You are all very supportive!!


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        Hi Beth,
        MS forces us to rethink how to stay fit and active. Growing up I played soccer and ringette, and Progress is slower and I find I need more rest and recovery.

        I love yoga as well, in summer I stay active with cycling, kayaking and trail riding with my horse, winters I would go to o the gym and use elliptical and weights. Last year my winter gym routine was struggling as my heat sensitivity has worsened since entering peri-menopause (hello night sweats). I started swimming. Other than basic lessons as a kid I have never done fitness swimming. I signed up for an adult lessons and am loving it. I come away from a swim lesson like I do after yoga, energized and feeling lithe, but with the added benefit of an aerobic workout as well, and no issues from heat sensitivity.
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          Congratulations Beth, both on finding and joining the group and on making the decision to get back in shape. Your routines look great and just the fact that you're feeling so much better leads me to believe that you are making spectacular progress, maybe more than you think.

          I suspect you will eventually see the muscle tone return, you seem to be doing all of the right things. Like Suebee and Cl3me, I also find it takes longer to see results, and rest and recovery are more important than ever. But regardless, I've found that I enjoy the active and healthier lifestyle so much I can't imagine not doing it.

          Good luck,