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  • Happy New Year

    Thanks to a little help from my friends, I managed to stay in pretty good shape over the holidays, not being able to find a good, reasonably priced red wine might have helped a little too. Whatís the deal there anyway, have the redís ALL gone generic? Is it just me being cheap? Oh well, at least itíll make detox easy.

    Anyway, the biking events are selected, the lotteries will determine which ones we get into. Training schedules are being built, the first eight weeks of base building and core strengthening are already in place. Iím looking for 8 hours/wk on the bike by the end of February. The MS 150 registration here isnít open yet but Iíll be in soon as it does and Iím thinking of doing another one in a neighboring state this year also. This has the potential to be a very good year!

    Hope you are all as happy and healthy as you can be and wishing you a Happy New Year.