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Bike MS 2011?

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  • Bike MS 2011?

    I know some folks here I going to do this and I'm planning on it as well.

    Step one is Route Selection. I started biking late last summer, the most I biked was about 17 miles. I have been off the bike all winter, as I am a weenie in the cold, but am keeping in shape with yoga, the elliptical, and so on. But I am not in awesome shape. The event is in the beginning of June. I figure it will warm up enough for me to get on the bike in March. So I'll have about 3 months to build up my biking.

    The route options are 30, 50, 100, and 150. So I am thinking 30 is my best bet.

    Experienced bikers.... is this doable? Does is sound reasonable?

    Thanks for your insights and happy new year!


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    Marinadca, I'm not as experienced as other cyclists here, but I'm confident you can hit 30 miles. If you average 15 mph, you'll finish in two hours, make it three with ample rest and a leisurely pace. Who knows, 50 seems a real possibility ... or even more with solid training. Don't sell yourself short!
    Dave Bexfield